The George A. Roeper Festival of Senior Projects

The George A. Roeper Festival of Senior Projects is a two night celebration in which Roeper's Seniors present the intensive work that they have done during the year on an independent project of their own design. The range of projects each year displays the diversity of ideas, personalities, skills and passions that are nurtured throughout their years at Roeper. Seniors who choose to do a project are guided by a faculty sponsor and often an expert in their area of study.

This year, ten students from the class of 2016 chose to take on this project:

  • Anna Gillikin studied what happens when anatomy and art collide. Anna shared her process of turning her knowledge of the human skeletal and muscular system into medical illustrations.
  • Ben Goldberg explained "What happens when your team wins the State Title in soccer?" According to Ben, you create a soccer news website that includes articles written is Spanish. He will be donating the website proceeds to an African youth soccer program.
  • Justin Hamburger demonstrated his artistry and exploration of painting techniques to produce a variety of landscape projects.
  • Isabel Ivanescu shared her work toward the goal of providing a home to Detroiters in need. She discussed her experience of creating a non-profit organization to achieve this goal.
  • Hannah Miller shared her work as an artist, "Oil Painting and Rendering The Human Figure".  Hannah further honed her creative skills by taking a class at the Birmingham Bloomfield Art Center.
  • Michelle Ratchford  shared details of her historical journey studying and rewriting the Chinese Medical Compendium, Ben Cao Gang Mu.
  • Jacob Scholl presented "The Least Efficient Way to Build A Computer". He utilized the hardware components from a computer he built previously, placed them into a custom case he designed and cooled it with a customized water loop.
  • Natalie Siegel  transformed eight years of theater experience into the creation of a music video. She explained the process of transitioning her ideas from stage to screen and how the process led to a passion for film directing.
  • Luke Steiger  has “virtually” streamlined information access to our Roeper community through a smartphone app that he developed. He will explain the process of providing convenient access to all things Roeper, including The Record, Edmodo, Netclassroom and more.
  • Adwoa Tandoh developed her love of the dramatic as she shared her experience producing and directing the Woody Allen play, Death: The Comedy.

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