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Day Camp Staff & Counselors-In-Training


The Leadership Team is assisted by a staff of trained and experienced men and women selected based on their interest in education, camp experience and, above all, their aabilities to understand and work with children. The staff consists of Roeper School faculty, teachers from other schools, college students and high school students. All activities are taught by counselors experienced in their fields - several who have been at Roeper Summer Day Camp for many summers. All staff members undergo a background check and complete CPR training during staff orientation.

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Roeper summer Day Camp Community Service Program

Counselor-In-Training Community Service Program

Counselor-In-Training (CIT) positions are available for students ages 14 to 16 who have had at least one year off from being a camper. This is a volunteer program that allows students to fulfill community service hour requirements from their schools. Directed by Head Counselors, CITs learn how to interact with, care for and supervise children through hands-on experience. Each CIT is assigned to work with camper groups at various age level throughout the summer. Parental consent for program participation is required. CIT candidates may be interviewed by the Leadership Team prior to acceptance into the program. First year CITs, may volunteer for a maximum of two sessions unless invited to extend their time based on their performance. After the first year CITs may volunteer for up to four sessions. 

Roeper Student Community Service Program

Roeper students who are 13 years or older may volunteer as a Counselor-In-Training to complete their community service requirements. We are unable to accept non-Roeper 13 years olds to this program. First year Community Service students are allowed to volunteer a maximum of two sessions at the Roeper Summer Day Camp. Community service volunteers follow the same schedule and routines as CITs. They are held to the same rules and codes of conduct. 


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